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My factory mainly produces many kinds of offset press and fittings,such as JP47A, JP47B, JP56A, JP56B, JP45, JP480SM double-sided Offset press , JP47-NP, JP56-NP multifunctional Offset press, JP47-NPS, P56-NPS multifunctional two-color Offset press(straight gear, helical gear) and so on. The machine performance is stable, the quality is reliable, sale network is full of every place of the country, and it is praised by many users because of products high quality and good sale-service.
"Base on Sincerity,Indulge in Innovation,create the first-class, develop in rolling" is my factory tente!My factory goes on strengthening the quality system construction to guarantee the top quality and prestige.We take the customers' request and benefit as the first, provide the reliable function and the best product and service for the users.
Let us do well, let us develop together!
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